The law regarding specification trade transaction

We state clearly below announcement ” The law regarding specification trade transaction ” ( concerting mail order ) of on the basis.
Seller Studio Idemitsu
Representative name Mako Idemitsu
Address 5-20-6A Higashi-yukigaya, Ohta-ku Tokyo 145-0065, Japan
Tel / Fax +81-3-3727-5454
Web site
Contact hour 10 : 00 AM 〜 6 : 00 PM (Monday-Friday, Japan time)
Payment method Direct Money Transfer to Deathtrap Inc.’s
Bank Account # 5189217 at Mitsui Bussan Bldg. Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp., Tokyo, Japan
Delivery time of commodity Your order will not be shipped until payment clears the bank. DVD is shipped via EMS mail which is the international speed mail in Japan within 2 weeks.
Commodity price other necessary costs International shipping and handling fees are $10 per DVD disk. The majority of our orders in Japan are free shipping charge.
Price The prices indicative on DVD price List
The item regarding the returns At our company placing on all commodities, in the customer satisfaction in order to be able to receive, we endeavor, but when a some dissatisfaction and inconvenience occurs, after the customer receiving the commodity, we receive the returns only when it receives communication within 10 days.