Women In between: Asian Women Artists 1984-2012

Women In between: Asian Women Artists 1984-2012

Specifically this exhibition is composed of some 110 works of 48 participating Asian artists based on their experiences of social gender roles and positions as females, their awareness of female issues posed by daily life, or their concerns with history, war, and ethnicity, and of current new trends. Taking a look back over the activities of women artists in the last few decades, the exhibition also looks toward the works of the future. We also hope you will discover the creative and positive possibilities of Asian women artists, which are created by crossing “Asia”, “women” and “art” through the exhibition.

Opening Gallery Talks by Artists 2:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m. 26 January

  • Idemitsu Mako, Yun Suknam, Ha Cha Youn, Nalini Malani, Sakata Kiyoko, Yamashiro Chikako and Inoue Hiroko
  • Talks are given in Korean, English (Japanese translation) and Japanese.

Idemitsu Mako’s Video Works Show

  • 11:00a.m.-  9 March & 10 March
    • Woman’s House, 13min.40sec.
    • Another Day of a Housewife, 9min.50sec. 1977
    • Animus Part 2, 19min.40sec. 1982
    • Whispering Light, 10min.50sec. 1985
    • Yoji, What’s Wrong with you? , 18min. 1987
    • Kiyoko’s Case, 24min.20sec. 1989


  • 2:00p.m.- 20 March
    • What a Woman Made, 11min. 1973
    • At Any Place 4 , 12min.30sec. 1978
    • Kae, Act Like a Girl ! , 47min.20sec. 1996


The installation “Past Ahead” 2005 by Mako Idemitsu is exhibited

The photographs are of my older sister & I….. They recall the calm & ordinary life of the people in those days. They were taken in the early 1940’s when the Japanese Army was invading other Asian countries and attacked Pearl Harbor. Currently, Japan is enjoying a similarly calm period while Japanese troops are stationed in Iraq. Isn’t there a similarity between now and then around us? Using my own family album and past documentary photos of the Japanese Army, I intend to visualize the dissociation between the life of ordinary citizens and current military movements. Just as in the past, Japan is experiencing a calm period without realizing it is involved in a war! Let us look and think about the condition we are now facing!

by Mako Idemitsu

Video Installation at MOT, Tokyo by Mako Idemitsu, Music by Carl Stone